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Today we made another step, adding cloud management capabilities to 4 new Wi-Fi Access Points made by one of the top-ranked WLAN vendors: Ruckus Wireless.

ruckus added

Can you recognize them in the picture?

It’s now possible to add to Tanaza and cloud manage:

  • ZoneFlex 2942
  • ZoneFlex 7341
  • ZoneFlex 7343
  • ZoneFlex 7363

So.. if you are in love with Ruckus devices but cannot stay without cloud managing them… this should be good news for you.

Ruckus is the first enterprise-grade brand that can be managed through cloud.tanaza.com and comes first for a specific reason. A lot of customers, from the first day we were live, started asking us to “please support Ruckus”.

And here we go! Ruckus compatibility is now implemented and these top-class APs can be cloud managed.

We are a vendor agnostic solution, and we are happy to offer the freedom to pick your favourite vendor from the low-end SOHO space, and now to high-end rock-solid devices.