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Facebook like-gating ends on 5th November 2014An example of Like Gating

Facebook Like-Gating (sometimes called Fan-Gating) is a very common operation. Many apps and fan pages use it to show different content to fans and non-fans, or to hide a specific piece of content (e.g. a discount coupon) to the non-fans.

This functionality won’t be available anymore after 5th November.

Facebook will remove the “Liked/non Liked” information, and will always answer to any request with a positive result (as all the Facebook users liked all the existing Fan Pages), making actually impossible to determine if a specific user has liked a page or not.

Facebook still considers acceptable to incentivize people to login to an app, to check in at a place or join a promotion, but asks developers not to ask for a “Like” or force the user in any way to do a “Like”.


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What Facebook forbids:

  • You cannot provide a piece of content only to users that liked your page
  • You cannot provide different contents to fans and non-fans
  • You cannot force in any way the “Like” on your page


yesWhat Facebook accepts:

  • You obviously can buy advertising from Facebook, promote your page and product, publish promotions and incentivize user to like your page through Facebook ADV
  • You can add Facebook login to your app and collect user data
  • You can incentivize people to login to your app
  • You can incentivize people to check in to your place
  • You can ask for their e-mail though your app

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The three rules to collect “Likes” being compliant to Facebook regulations:

  1. Keep in mind that the more spontaneous “Likes” you get, the more value they have for your business.
  2. Never force “Likes”. Forced “Likes” have no value to your business.
  3. Be friendly and don’t push. Let users skip the “Like” request, if they want.