The goal of Tanaza is to provide operational efficiency to anyone has to manage Wi-Fi Access Points.

Auto-detect functionality, currently available only on Tanaza Powered APs (APs with Tanaza firmware), allows you to deploy multiple Access Points as they come out of the box. No need to pre-assign IP addresses to all the APs, one-by-one. With Tanaza Powered APs, you just launch the auto-detect functionality and add all the APs that are connected to your LAN.

After that, you are ready to cloud manage and remotely monitor them! Watch the video and see how simple it is!

Tanaza Powered APs

Tanaza Powered APs are 3rd party Access Points flashed with Tanaza firmware. This option is currently available for Ubiquiti devices only (UniFi, AirRouter, PicoStation, NanoStation). If you are interested in the same functionality on other devices, just let us know!

How it works

Any Tanaza Powered AP embeds a Tanaza Agent right inside the firmware. The agent starts a layer-2 communication, leveraging layer-3 multicast packets that include configuration information in the layer-3 payload. Your browser, once you are logged into, will receive those packets and answer to the AP in order to configure its network setting.
After that, the device is rebooted and starts a communication with the Tanaza Cloud Infrastructure, in order to authenticate and be associated with the Tanaza Account with which you are currently logged in
Once you completed the auto-detect and association procedure, you’ll be able to enjoy remote management of your cloud Wi-Fi Access Point.

If you have a Ubiquiti Wi-Fi AP, you can cloud manage and remotely monitor it for FREE!
Just get the firmware from here.