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Get certified! Tanaza Wi-Fi Academy


What is the Tanaza Wi-Fi Academy?


The Tanaza Wi-Fi Academy is a two-part certification program demonstrates your proficiency in the theory and practice of Wi-Fi and its applications.
These certifications are the first step in the Tanaza training program for Wi-Fi professionals

Currently, we offer two types of certifications: the Wi-Fi marketing certification and the Wi-Fi networking certification.

The Tanaza Wi-Fi Academy is FREE and currently available in English, Spanish, French and Italian.


Why get certified?


The Tanaza Wi-Fi Academy certifications serve to test your Wi-Fi knowledge and certify you as a Tanaza Wi-Fi Academy professional, in either Marketing or Networking, or both.

We want you to feel 100% confident in managing your networks and making the most out of your Wi-Fi connection and this brief program can help you strengthen your Wi-Fi knowledge and skill set. 

Most importantly, you can take the certifications as many times as you need to, in case you do not pass the first time around. 


How do I get started?


If you are thinking about getting Tanaza certified, we recommend you refer to:

  1. Our Tanaza Success Community to search for articles, join discussion or view technical documentation about Tanaza and Wi-Fi/
  2. Our Tanaza marketing websites for general information about Tanaza (feature descriptions, resources, partner programs, services, applications)
  3. Our blog for general news about wireless hardware, wi-fi industry, wi-fi management, public hotspots, wi-fi based marketing, and more.

Consider that when dealing with networks and Wi-Fi the more you know, the better.