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Virgin Media will boost its wireless network outreach

Virgin Media is acquiring Arqiva Wifi to expand its wireless network reach and connectivity throughout the UK.

Virgin Media will soon be striking a deal to bring in Arqiva Wi-Fi into Virgin’s corporate fold as a part of Virgin Media Business. Arqiva WiFi is one of the largest Wi-Fi solution providers in the UK, with 31,000 Wi-Fi access points installed in 6,500 UK locations (including 250 London Underground stations). By acquiring Arqiva Wi-Fi, it is highly likely that Virgin Media will become one of the largest public Wi-Fi providers in the UK. (more…)

3 ways to improve your Wi-Fi network security


Nowadays, hacking attacks that threaten Wi-Fi network security are the order of the day.

In order to prevent malicious users from accessing networks and sensitive data, such as email password and bank account information, administrators should effectively improve their wireless network security by regularly changing their APs’ username and password, and configuring them with password-protected SSIDs.


The 5G deployment in Europe in 2020

The European commission is working on a new project that aims to offer free Wi-Fi to citizens in the bigger European citie, by 2020.

The project consists of two parts: one, the creation (installation/deployment) of free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Europe and two, the propagation of the 5th generation wireless system (5G).
With the ends to propagate 5G in Europe, European regulations have established that at least one city per each European country should be equipped with the 5th generation wireless system. This propagation plan will be put in place in 2018, according to the European Commission.
The European Commission sees even beyond the objectives of the regulation and hopes that by 2025, 5G will be propagated everywhere, particularly in train stations, airports, and other important public spaces. The benefits from 5G deployment in Europe is estimated to be €113.1bn annually by 2025.
Find more details in our infographic below.



Wi-Fi issues: perceptions vs reality


A survey conducted by ZK Research revealed that Wi-Fi issues are mostly based on users’ false perceptions.

Nowadays, a high-quality and secure wireless connection is a must-have, specially considering many devices today function via or with Wi-Fi and require a reliable connection. In order to investigate the perceptions versus the realities of Wi-Fi issues, ZK Research surveyed 102 Wi-Fi users. (more…)

Splash Page Configuration: Wi-Fi for retail

One of the greatest things about public Wi-Fi is that by properly configuring your splash page you can collect user information, show ads and deliver email marketing campaigns to your target users.

Software like Tanaza make connecting to its Wi-Fi network super easy with its personalizable, multi-language, responsive built-in splash page. Through this Wi-Fi authentication page, Wi-Fi users in your retail business can login to your network via social media or other authentication flows, including vouchers or fidelity cards numbers.

To make the authentication process as smooth as possible there are only a few things to consider when configuring your splash page:


  • Personalize your background by inserting a background relating to your retail business, or by including lines of text that incite users into sharing their personal information to connect to your retail’s network
  • Add custom buttons, styles and html code. The Tanaza splash page editor allows you to change language, add your own in-line CSS styles and add your own HTML code to create a custom-built splash page for your retail business in more than 60 languages.
  • Customize your walled garden by adding your mobile application and your websites to it. This feature allows you to restrict the domains that are visible to your Wi-Fi clients before authentication.
  • Integrate the Mailchimp connector to collect a large number of email addresses and send them to Mailchimp to create triggered email marketing campaigns.
  • Add advertising to your splash page. Thanks to the Tanaza built-in system for smart advertising, you can include an image or video advertising with random or time-based rotation. This can appears before your users when the access the splash page, either before requesting login details or during the process.
  • Enable social login, or voucher-based authentication, or SMS token verification and allow your users to login to your network with their preferred method. Simply drag and drop the elements from the component bar on the splash page editor and customize away!
  • Filter web content through a DNS-based filtering tool, to protect the youngest users from innappropriate content and avoid unproper usage of your network.
  • Customize your Terms and Conditions. This can include agreeing to sharing their information for email marketing purposes, like receiving monthly newsletters.


For more information on how to configure your Tanaza splash page, go to success.tanaza.com, or get in touch with one of our business consultants for a demo of our product.


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Spacious turns restaurants into co-working spaces with Wi-Fi network

Spacious is a NYC based startup co-founded by Preston Pesek and Chris Smothers that turns empty restaurants into co-working spaces with their own Wi-Fi network.

With more than 2.000 restaurants closed in the afternoon throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC has a large capacity of extra space to offer. Spacious is a young startup that creates a business from this situation by renting restaurant spaces during the afternoon to people looking for a space to work. As most of these restaurants are usually closed until 6 p.m, when the restaurant space is not being used, Spacious transforms these empty spaces into the perfect workspaces. Spacious offers two kinds of passes for the workspaces: the unlimited access and the one-day access pass. The startup provides unlimited coffee, background music, managers that take care of the workers, free Wi-Fi networks in all locations.  

Of course, Wi-Fi is fundamental to Spacious’ success, as the internet is nowadays indispensable for workers. Spacious has to guarantee workers the access and the possibility to surf the web without any limits. Workers that come back to the same location multiple times are remembered by the network and automatically logged in, for a “Wi-Fi like at home” experience, that makes them feel like they are in their personal office space. 


Spacious also offers smart application services that facilitate simple tasks and allow workers to focus on what they are doing. Once a person is checked in with the host upon arrival, they can easily access the Wi-Fi network, receive a message when their guests arrive and when there is the last call for coffee.

Not to mention, it’s truly a win-win situation for all. Part of the revenue collected by Spacious is shared with the owner of the restaurant, and thanks to the popular workspaces this provides free advertising for the restaurant by making the location of the restaurant known and encouraging people to visit the location during restaurant hours.

Currently, Spacious has about 50 restaurants in its network, and this is only the beginning as the project is simple, smart, and easy to setup. Spacious is a smart example of why it is essential to deploy a Wi-Fi networks in public spaces, like restaurants and coworking spaces!


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