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 System integrators are moving into the realm of cloud computing and assisting large and small businesses with their WiFi needs.  There are many opportunities for system integrators to take advantage and reap the benefits of the cloud computing industry.

Why should system integrators move towards the cloud?  Large corporations like Microsoft and IBM will spend billions of dollars on creating computing infrastructure and platforms.  This will most likely be repeated in a smaller scale with local and smaller businesses.  Cloud computing is accessible, easy to use, and saves money.  What business doesn’t want to do that?  Cloud computing is moving at a fast rate and if system integrators don’t keep up to speed, their businesses could lose out.

Here are some reasons why as a system integrator, the cloud can make your life a little easier.

  1. Reduced system management
  2. High availability
  3. Less support calls
  4. Normal working hours
  5. Stable recurring business

Compared to in-house computing, cloud can really upgrade your likelihood of partnerships.  But, when comparing in-house to cloud computing, there are some downsides.  In cloud, you have no control of the data or at least not the same direct control you would have if your computing system is in-house.  Same with the data, you also don’t have control of the system holding the data.  And consumers now are very aware of the downsides to cloud computing (privacy, security, leadership, finances, etc).  Make sure you can come up with positive solutions to these issues to retain your customers.

Your customers turn to cloud computing because they want to stay on the cutting edge in their market.  But beyond that, they also want to save money and reduce resources used.  Cloud computing provides them with scalability and flexibility—they can add more cloud computing capabilities or stop services when they need them.  And everyone gets tired of the “low connection” or “connection lost” on their devices: cloud computing provides great wireless connection.  Instead of taking their own office space to have servers and large machines, the cloud allows businesses to be more productive and economical.

Additionally, your service is your job.  Therefore, moving to the cloud can make you money.  The cloud will take care mostly of the technical issues but the system integrator is there to provide the upmost in customer service translating between cloud talk and business talk.  Knowledge of multiple cloud SaaS can help you appeal to different kinds of businesses and industry.  Another good tip is keeping up to date on the latest on cloud computing.  Many industry insiders predict more jobs and opportunities in the cloud.  Staying up to date to provide a great service and skills can give your company a good competitive advantage.