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High-quality Wi-Fi has now become a mainstream service in many UK high street brands.High-quality Wi-Fi has now become a mainstream service in many UK high street brands. - UK shopping streets

As a result of a research study released by Devicescape on November of last year titled “Making Connections: Wi-Fi on the UK High Street”, a list of the top high-street brands offering free high-quality Wi-Fi was published. The rankings were based on the quality of a connection, usage and accessibility to the network. Although free Wi-Fi is often associated with food and entertainment industries, the retail sector is not far behind and high-quality Wi-Fi is a service currently being offered in many stores across the UK.

Popular high street brands like Greggs, Marks & Spencer, Boots and Asda fall in the top ranks of the UK high street brands that offer free high-quality Wi-Fi. Greggs emerged as a leader in provisioning a free high-quality connection and Marks & Spencer is now recognized as one of the most interconnected brands on the UK high street. Nevertheless, this mainstream service is not only being offered by UK high street brands, it was also noted in the Devicescape research study that smaller, independent brands also offered a comparable service of free high-quality Wi-Fi.

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