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How to choose the Wi-Fi splash page that works best for you

by | Aug 1, 2014 | All articles, Public Hotspots | 0 comments

Let’s start. We’re here to talk about Wi-Fi splash pages (Tanaza ones or external ones, it doesn’t matter) and why you should take your time to think about them.


3 reasons why splash pages are important:

  1. Terms and conditions. Accepting them, the user consents to the use of his personal data.
  2. Branding and advertisements. Users are reading your page carefully to go further and connect to your Wi-Fi, so take advantage of this and show engaging advertisements and offers.
  3. Social login and data capture. Enabling social login, the login process becomes easy and quick. You can record all data that users give to you.


Things you can do with splash pages:

Once that your have decided which are your goals and which is your strategy, you are at the crossroads between the Tanaza splash page, a 3rd party splash page or designing your own one.


Here you find a comparative table that can help you decide what works best for you:

How to choose the Wi-Fi splash page that works best for you

The different ways have many things in common, but here are some suggestions.

If you are using hardware from Meraki, Aruba Networks, Aerohive, you should choose a 3rd party splash page, because Tanaza doesn’t support these devices. Another reason to use a 3rd party splash page is the need for very specific apps like publishing weather information on the splash page, or exchanging banners.

If you want 100% control on HTML and 100% control of the user experience, you should definitely choose to cloud manage with Tanaza your own devices and then build your own splash page (keep in mind that this requires a lot of effort and strong IT skills, see specs).

Wi-Fi splash page - social login

Instead, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time creating your own splash page, if the included features are the ones you’re looking for, and you want a ready-for-use hotspot, with social login on 6 different social networks, up and running in 3 minutes… Tanaza splash page is your best option.


Don’t forget that only Tanaza “Social login” account includes also the access to the new social dashboard, an essential powerful marketing tool that Tanaza has recently released.