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  Since cloud computing kicked off, small businesses and system integrators took advantage of the remote location of data as well as faster computing speeds.  With advances in technology, cloud computing is getting easier and better.  More and more companies are focusing on distributing cloud computing capabilities, like Tanaza.  From now on, the cloud can and will only get bigger.

Visiongain reports the cloud computing business can reach $37.9 billion by the end of this year.  Right now, more than 30% of businesses worldwide are using some form of cloud computing.  The software application will help businesses grow without the high costs they traditionally incurred and become innovative leaders in their field, says the Visiongain report.

Within the next five years, cloud computing will only grow even larger.  The Visiongain report says, “The majority of the cloud computing uptake would come from SMB’s [sic] from around the world, which are lacking in solid IT infrastructure and are looking to find new and innovative ways of conducting everyday business with the help of cloud technology offerings. Demand will also come from end users who are looking to incorporate the cloud for everyday needs such as entertainment, storage, etc.”

Cloud computing will move towards other sectors like the everyday enjoyment of movies and storing family photos and home videos.  Smaller businesses who don’t have the resources, equipment, or space to organize and save files can use cloud computing.

CloudTweaks says “the diverse range of inventive solutions for software, platforms and infrastructure is a clear indication a custom, tailored cloud service is bound to exist in order to meet venture demands that encompasses everything from basic off-site data storage to sophisticated cloud-based numerical processing facilities.”

Software as a Service (SaaS) will be the segment with the most growth in opportunities.  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on the other hand will move more towards private clouds rather than large public clouds.

Platform as a Service is another emerging trend, as well as cloud security.  With the continuous presence of cell phones, mobile cloud computing is surely to improve and increase in capability.  These markets will include mobile SMB SaaS cloud, SMB SaaS cloud, the mobile corporate market, and the general corporate SaaS market. Additionally, the cloud can only get bigger with time, with more platform availability, packaging pricing, and disaster recovery methods. Just like most WiFi systems, cloud computing will be widely available, applicable, organized, and built to your needs and wants.

You can view 26 of the top cloud computing providers in the Visiongain report.  With cloud computing from Tanaza, you can be your own wireless manager. Adding it to your business can streamline success and give you access to all of your accounts in one place. But if you are simply too large of a company to do your own WiFi managing, you can expect the best service in cloud computing from System Integrators that would use Tanaza to offer you remote control and WiFi management.