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Need professional devices? Get a Ligowave Infinity

by | Jul 27, 2017 | What's new | 0 comments

Need professional devices? Get a Ligowave Infinity

Ligowave devices of the Infinity series are a new entry in our list of supported devices.

These access points are very small, nice to see, and have an interesting price-quality ratio.
They’re suitable for any indoor deployments, particularly when you’re in need for ceiling- and wall-mountable, PoE devices, with a minimal eye impact.

The supported devices include NFT-1N, NFT-1NAF, NFT-2AC.
While the first two devices run the 802.11n standard, are mono-radio and can be used only for deployments with up to 50 clients indicatively, the newer NFT-2AC is a 1200Mbps AC device, suitable for deployments with 100-150 clients.

If you want to provide your customers with well-working wifi, and reduce the expenses for hardware, get a Ligowave device from an authorized distributor today.


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