The next WiFi standard upgrade 802.11ax will deliver a faster performance speed in high-density deployment in comparison to precedent standards.

Each Wi-Fi standard includes identifying properties, specific to each upgrade, such as maximum range, bandwidth, speed or number of channels of a particular device. The 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard, for instance, still at a very early stage of its development, will be primarily designed for high-density deployments in public places.

While previous Wi-Fi standard upgrades focused on advancing link or aggregate throughput, the next WiFi standard 802.11ax upgrade focuses on delivering metrics that reflect enhanced user experience. The 802.11ax metrics due to be released in 2019, will include measurements for individual user throughput and individual user performances in high-density areas, as well as power efficiency for battery-powered devices.

With the arrival of the potent 802.11ax standard, many users will be tempted to upgrade their Wi-Fi networks directly to this 802.11ax version for faster performance speeds, perhaps bypassing the 802.11ac – Wave 2 standard.


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