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 So you’re a small business owner or maybe a system administrator and you are responsible for keeping tabs on all your data and information.  It is hard enough to trust a computer system to do so, but now everyone is moving to cloud computing—remotely storing their data on another system in another location.  While there are some negatives to this kind of technology, there are some pluses which may compel you to take your business to the next level.


  1. You can access your data and files at any time, anywhere, from any location.  No need for a USB port, hard drive, or complicated equipment on your end.
  2. You don’t need as much hardware with the cloud.  Possibly, your employees will just need a monitor, mouse, keyboard and enough power to connect to the remote access point.  Now, you wouldn’t need the fastest and most expensive computer because all your data is stored in the cloud.
  3. If your business needs a diverse range of software programs, you don’t have to buy a program for each employee or licensing.  You can just download one software program in the cloud and use the access point across your company.  You would only need to pay a fee to the cloud computing provider.
  4. You don’t need all the space for your servers storing your data.  Free up office and work space by using the providers’ devices at another location.
  5. Eventually you would even save money on IT support because a more streamlined cloud computing system is easier to take care of than multiple devices, storage components and programs.  And if everything is in one place, that makes it even easier to solve computing difficulties.



  1. A major concern is security.  You may not want to hand over all your data to some thing called “the cloud”.  However, advanced security measures have been developed to avoid any problems.  Tanaza, for example, partnered with Google and Amazon to provide the best security and reliability.
  2. Being able to access your cloud from any device and any location makes privacy another major issue.  But like other computing programs, authentication and data encryption, both in communication and database storage, can assist in increasing privacy.


With Tanaza, you can reap the benefits of comfort and piece of mind with secure cloud computing for your business or client.  You can access your WiFi from any location and centrally manage them, monitor traffic and change passwords. If there is a broken access point, cloud computing makes it easier to replace and start working again.  Tanaza supports a wide variety of WiFi Access Points models by Netgear, Ubiquiti, TP-Link and D-Link. More are coming soon.  Gain the competitive edge with Tanaza.