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California-based company ViaSat will supply satellite-powered Wi-Fi hotspots to 100 American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts to enable an exceptional in-flight Wi-Fi experience in September 2017.

California-based company ViaSat is bringing satellite-powered Wi-Fi to 100 Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts to provide exceptional flight experience for its customers by September 2017 - Wi-Fi onboard

American Airlines (A.A) struck a deal with ViaSat, a global broadband services and technology company based in California, to bring wireless internet connectivity to 100 of its aircrafts. Before strengthening ties with ViaSat, A.A. planes were equipped with a Wi-Fi connection by in-flight broadband internet service provider – Gogo Inc. However, as result of complains about the low internet speed aboard flights, American Airlines switched to ViaSat. ViaSat’s service works on an advanced high-capacity Ka-band satellite system that promises to deliver an in-flight Wi-Fi connection 8 to 10 times faster than any other in-flight Wi-Fi system in the market. In the beginning of the collaboration with A.A., ViaSat will use the ViaSat-1 and ViaSat-2 technologies to provide deep, high-capacity bandwidth and wide coverage onboard. By the end of 2019, ViaSat will switch to an even faster ViaSat-3 platform, that will deliver the highest quality streaming experience and Wi-Fi like at home experience to satisfy the growing demand for broadband internet in the skies.

California-based company ViaSat will supply satellite-powered Wi-Fi hotspots to 100 American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts to enable an exceptional in-flight Wi-Fi experience in September 2017. - ViaSat logoViaSat is a recognized company with multiple industry awards for delivering the fastest and best performing in-flight internet System. The collaboration between American Airlines and ViaSat enables the airline to engage their passengers and improve their in-flight Wi-Fi experiences with an outstanding internet platform. The first A.A. Boeing 737 MAX equipped with ViaSat’s satellite-powered Wi-Fi hotspots will be in service in September 2017.


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