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Smart Cities: Portland is next one thanks to CIVIQ Technology

by | May 23, 2017 | All articles, Industry news, Public Hotspots | 0 comments

Smart Cities: Portland is next one thanks to CIVIQ Technology

The Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler and the Commissioner Dan Saltzman declared in February 2017 that interactive digital waypoints could be soon installed around the city.


In a previous article, we spoke about Chicago and Miami and the new technologies they were testing to become Smart Cities.
This technology, CIVIQ Smartscapes, could be soon installed around the city of Portland, as well.

In fact, the Mayor and the Commissioner are looking for new idea to make the city more attractive and easy to live for its residents.

Portland is already known for its public transportation system and its innovation leadership, and is working hard to become a Smart City and facilitate the life of its citizens and tourists. This year, the city will host the GCTC transportation summit where more than 200 representatives from cities around the US and other countries are invited to share ideas and initiatives to make public transportation more efficient, more accessible and smarter.

Smart Cities: Portland is next one thanks to CIVIQ Technology

Thanks to the Smartscapes Technology, the city could bring a valuable services to citizens and visitors. In fact, the CIVIQ digital waypoints will allow residents to be connected while walking around the city and to be informed about what it is going on.

CIVIQ Smartscapes are interactive digital waypoints that feature a 55-inch touch screens to display information. Residents and tourists can access to wayfinding, transportation information, emergency alerts and a free high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

According to the Commissioner, Dan Saltzman, CIVIQ technology will help a lot East Portland’s residents to get vital information about transportation options and to get from place to place quickly and safely. “This is smart city innovation at its best.”
The idea is to auto-finance the technology and the Wi-Fi network by displaying advertisements to Wi-Fi users.


CIVIQ Smartscapes is an American company that manufactures and deploys public-facing communications infrastructures that integrate Wi-Fi, mobile LTE, and smart sensor technologies. The CIVIQ Smartscapes solutions are aiming to transform modern cities into smart and connected one.


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