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 Peter Dallimore from The Fold recently answered a very important question: why do we need the cloud?

After his anecdote about a documentarian who just didn’t have the computing power to edit his piece and turn it into a final product, Dallimore’s main reason to have the cloud is to complete more projects with less headache.

But let’s look deeper.  Of course cloud computing can help start ups and small businesses but what does it say about our society and our minds?  Luckily, Jim Taylor is something of a “tech shrink”.

Jim Taylor of Computer World has some worries.  He poses the question: if I lose my data, does that mean I lose myself?  While many cloud computing users and wireless managers are worried about privacy and security, what about the reason why cloud computing was created and what does that say about our culture?

Poetically, Taylor writes, “My unease lies in what cloud computing may mean to us as psychological and emotional beings. Data, whether emails, documents, spreadsheets, finances, media, or other types of information, may just be collections of binary code, but they mean something much more important to us. All of those zeros and ones represent much of who we are: how we live and work, the people with whom we interact, and our values and interests.”

Ever have that recurring dream of your house catching fire? What do you save first?  Probably your family, pets, old photos and meaningful knick knacks.  While your family members can’t fit into a server, there are still very personal things converted to a personal cloud these days.  Now what happens when that cloud disappears or the server is ruined?  Taylor refers to this as “losing your life the modern way”.

However, storing your family photos in the cloud is not very different from storing it on your computer. While Taylor is awaiting better progress with the cloud (he wrote his article three years ago), he may be more of a proponent of cloud computing today.  And don’t worry; now there is a newly introduced insurance program in case your data is lost.

Tanaza is a revolutionary company that provides centralized management of all your access points on the cloud.  And if you ever have any questions, we have experts on stand by who can assist you.  You never have to go on site for a reboot and you can control your cloud remotely.  And since it is all cloud based, you don’t need any expensive hardware. Also, all your accounts are encrypted for added security.

Back when Taylor wrote his article, there were still many glitches in the cloud market.  But now, Tanaza has streamlined the process and will provide you with top notch security and service for your small business or management needs.