If you are thinking of trying out the cloud for your business or are entering the cloud market, there are some suggestions to keep in mind when looking for a provider.  Cloud computing is a software application allows you to access your files and data from any device, anywhere.  So the person or company you entrust to handle your sensitive data better be the right fit.

First and foremost, make sure the provider complies with top security provisions.  Do some research and see if they have a good background and are recommended by other businesses because of their security.  Collaborate with your provider to make sure they know your needs and can meet them.

Secondly, find published agreements from your provider that notifies their clients well ahead of time if there will be service outages.  If the cloud breaks down in the middle of your workday, your business will suffer.  Make sure you can find an agreement among your provider that lets you know if they do schedule service interruptions, and that they are not during your work hours.

Next, check to see if the provider you are thinking of partnering with has what Cloud Computing Journal calls, “solution deployment flexibility”.  As your business grows or gets smaller, your cloud computing needs will change too.  Sometimes, you may need to have your data on site or at least a back up at the provider’s physical location.  See if your provider can offer you the most variety for your business.

Data back up is much needed!  Don’t get left in the dark in the event of a breakdown with your data completely lost.  In the cloud computing market, having data back up is called “data redundancy”.  This means not only is your data saved in one server, but also in another server, just in case.  Take an additional step to make sure your data is backed up in a different location than the original data.  Even if something happens at the provider’s location, the chances of the same disaster hitting the same data at one time will go down.

Lastly, if something does happen, make sure your chosen provider has a disaster recovery plan for your information.  Any disaster is better solved and fixed with a plan set in place that is collaborated upon good communication between business and provider.  That way, you can know the possibilities of different types of conflicts threatening your data as well as solutions the provider came up with.

Luckily, Tanaza provides quick replacement of broken access points and security measures inspired by Google and Amazon. If a cloud access point is not working, you can simply apply your same access code to a new access point.  Tanaza security includes certificates of authenticity to make sure whoever accesses your cloud, is a secure user.

Tanaza is an easy choice because the web-based Dashboard allows you to access your cloud anywhere and pretty soon, with your mobile or tablet device.  Additionally, if you have multiple server access points from different devices or vendors, Tanaza can easily make your new access points compatible with the old.  Have questions about Tanaza? Contact us!