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Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 – A Welcome Addition


NanoStation M2 NSM2General Product Details

The Ubiquiti Nanostation M2, first released in 2010, has been reported as one of the most reliable outdoor wireless access points on the market. Sticking to Ubiquiti’s sleek style to their products the M2 equipment blend into their immediate surroundings whether affixed under a security camera or attached to the side of a building. The M2 is the “non-international” sister of the M5.


Wireless Specification

This device is an outdoors wireless g/n router which supports both the standard 802.11n and 802.11g on a 2.4GHz frequency range which can support connections for up to 15km from the tower providing a stable 150Mbps service. Apart from this the device also features two Ethernet ports with software to support the POE output.


Deployment Details

Measuring 29.4cm by 8cm and 3cm with and approximate weight 4kg, the Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 is a sleek and looking product which as previously highlighted, doesn’t look out of place irrespective of its environment. Give the matt white finish, the device is, to put it simply, aesthetically pleasing and modern looking. There are no protruding parts, as everything is contained within the protective plastic casing which can protect the inner cargo at extreme temperatures such as -30C to +80C.


The device itself requires 8 Watts of power to function, which is amply provided through a PoE (Passive over Ethernet) system, removing the requirement to place equipment where there is a dedicated power supply. A mounting bracket and strap may also be purchased to support the device in aerial locations or what a mounting bracket is not already available; however, these typically have to be purchased separately from the device itself. The LED display, within the box, displays the power status, WAN, LAN and signal status clearly.


Wireless Security Features

One of the major points to highlight is any devices that you require connecting to the device will need installing correctly, otherwise they simply won’t work.  Otherwise, the Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 supports the standard wireless authentication levels.


The device supports Wi-Fi Protected Access standards, WPA and WPA2 across the 11 channels available. The accepted standard for wireless protection would be WPA, so it’s recommended, where possible, you configure your device using this option.


Configuring the Access Point

Provided you have plugged the device into a power supply, be that direct to a socket or via an Ethernet cable, you should be in a position to now configure it using AirOS.

NSM2 interface

1.    (For those who haven’t setup the hardware first) Connect the power unit to a free socket and connect one of the Ethernet cables to your computer/laptop whilst plugging the other Ethernet cable into the Ubiquiti device.

2.    Launch your preferred web browser, access and open the page.

3.    The username and password (as this is a first setup) will be ubnt, select your country and accept the terms. Login!

4.    Once logged in, you will be faced with the AirOS interface; from here you will be able to customize your settings as needed.

Cloud management and remote monitoring

Uniquiti NanoStation M2 (NSM2) can be cloud managed thorugh Tanaza, thanks to a single centralized dashboard. Click here to know more.