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attract-engage-convert-CAMBIATA2-e1419326345615One of the most used features of Tanaza is the capability to ask for social actions to access a public Wi-Fi.

Why and how to get Facebook Likes from Wi-Fi

The benefits of Facebook check-ins


Thanks to this, everybody can easily increase the number of interactions on a Facebook Page: the Tanaza social actions include Facebook Likes, posts and check-ins. The login process is super-easy: the users logs in with his Facebook account, then he is redirected to the requested social action. The action is not mandatory, as Facebook doesn’t permit to force the users to do anything on its platform.

In order to provide the best tool for your growth and, at the same time, to give a great user experience, Tanaza created the PROGRESSIVE ENGAGEMENT.

You can now combine different social actions (for example, Like + Check-in, or Like + Post) and ask the user to engage progressively with your page every time he reconnects to your public Wi-Fi.


Let’s see a use case.

You are managing a public hotspot in a shopping mall. Your primary goal is to get Facebook Likes, but you would like to get also some posts.

If you ask for two actions at the same time, your login process would become too long and demanding for the users. And you don’t want to lose some users during the authentication process.

Thanks to the Tanaza PROGRESSIVE ENGAGEMENT, you can choose two actions and ask for only one of them at a time.

If you pick “Like + Post”, users will be asked for a Like your page the first time they connect to your Wi-Fi. If they come back to your venue, later the same day (or two days later, or one week later) you can let them connect automatically or you can require a different action, as they already liked your page: they will be asked to write a post before connecting.

You decide how many times you want to ask for an action, and with which frequency: never, or everytime the user connects, of after a specified period since last login.

In the case of posts, you can customize the shared link (its title, description, caption and image) as well.