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Because we are the data consumption generation, no amount of mobile data ever seems to be enough to satisfy our constant need to browse, send and download information on our personal devices.


We are constantly running out of mobile data…

In today’s world, being out of mobile data can mean being completely disconnected. Yet, instead of learning how to manage their data usage or sticking to the limits of their mobile data bundle, most users reach their monthly data quota and end up having to pay for additional data before the end of the month.

While for some people, 1GB per month is more than enough to browse the internet, send emails and download some songs, this is definitely not the case for every user. Since users don’t always access the same applications, with the same frequency and for the same amount of time on their personal devices, the number of mobile data required per month differs per individual. Although the simplest solution for data hogs would be to purchase a bigger data bundle every month, the vicious cycle of never having enough data will continue, because with more data available per month, the more data there is to use up quickly.

Wi-Fi makes everything better!

No matter what application your users use or choose to install on their personal device, it will consume mobile data. Your objective is to avoid this and give your users access to a Free Social Wi-Fi hotspot that will allow them to connect for free using the social account of their choosing as an authentication method (yes, this exists and yes, it is that easy).

When installing a Wi-Fi network it is important to consider the throughput requirements of your wifi network, based on the applications your wifi users most frequently access when connecting. Common applications like Whatsapp and Facebook, even when used regularly, require a small percentage of data. For instance, a 100 characters Whatsapp message is equivalent to 0,94Kb and checking the Facebook newsfeed can consume approximately 1MB of data. On the other hand, data’s biggest enemy is music and video streaming, especially considering that the better the quality of the video, the more data that is consumed. For instance, Spotify can consume 2 to 9MB per song downloaded while a 4 minute YouTube video of medium quality can consume 10MB of data.

Customarily, a network’s target throughput can support double the estimated throughput capabilities required by the environment. 


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