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Free WiFi is already available in 23 postal offices in Italy, under the PosteWiFi brand. The plan is to deploy 900 public hotspots in the italian postal offices by the end of 2015.

900 public hotspots will be deployed in the italian postal offices by the end of 2015. The service includes a "Remember me" feature, also called ""WiFi like at home".

Poste Italiane, the company that manages the postal service in Italy, declares on its website that free Wi-Fi is available for registered users.

Authentication of users is done through SMS and a confirmation code.

Each registration enables up to 3 devices to connect to the network.

The Wi-Fi service is available only during working hours, from 8AM to 8PM on working days. The hotspot is de-activated when the postal office is not open.

The service includes a “Remember me” feature, also called “”WiFi like at home”: the user is automatically connected everytime that the device is on a Wi-Fi hotspot by Poste Italiane.


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