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The Public Wi-Fi added value: data


Your customers want to see concrete results, a significant number or new registrations and returning users, happy and engaged customers.

The Tanaza Dashboard is the analytics tool that shows data captured through Wi-Fi. The Dashboard was designed by Tanaza to allow companies to analyze data and insights with a nice graphic interface, without being given permission to change Wi-Fi configurations.

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The Tanaza Dashboard for Analytics


The social dashboard has a very user-friendly interface and makes Wi-Fi analytics very easy.

The user selects a time period (day/week/month/custom date range), then he sees both detailed and summarized data of his Wi-Fi hotspot.

Data can be exported via CSV (included in the Social Dashboard) or through API.

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Summarized data

  • Top 5 users
  • New registrations (unique users)
  • Returning users
  • Trends of the week/the month/the year
  • Number of users that used a specific social network to login: trend, single day stats
  • Facebook check-ins
  • Gender and age
  • Location: world map or single country stats

Per user data

  • Name and surname
  • Age and birth date
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number (verified with SMS token)
  • Social network chosen to log in
  • Location
  • Number of connections to the Wi-Fi network
  • Date the user registered on
  • AP name and SSID used to connect
  • MAC address of the AP
  • IP Address and MAC address of the client


Advanced filters

Make simple and complex queries in the Social Dashboard and save your list of contacts in CSV or XLSX. Filters include:

  • Age or age range
  • Gender
  • Location (city and country)
  • Login flow
  • Date of registration
  • SSID