Integration Facebook WiFi by Facebook - Tanaza + Express Wi-Fi

Express Wi-Fi
By Facebook

Build, operate, grow, and monetize your Wi-Fi business.


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Integration Facebook WiFi by Facebook - Tanaza + Express Wi-Fi


Bring together two great solutions with Express Wi-Fi and Tanaza to monetize your WiFi network deployments and manage all your access points from the cloud.

Express Wi-Fi by Facebook is a best in class SaaS platform to help Service Providers build, operate, grow, and monetize WiFi networks. The SaaS platform comes with an innovative monetization portfolio that allows launching and operating a sustainable, high-quality WiFi network.

Service providers can monetize the WiFi by selling connectivity and enabling local businesses to sell WiFi data packs to final users. Local businesses can become hotspot points and show their logo or a promotional image on the captive portal. In this way, multiple activities such as clinics, youth hostels, coffee shops, and restaurants that have a WiFi access point can issue vouchers to their customers.

From an intuitive interface, Service Providers can keep track of the total data packets sold to each local business and how much data they have sold and consumed. The Tanaza WiFi software integrates seamlessly with the Express WiFi platform to enable Service Providers and Operators to use a fully integrated solution to manage their network deployments coupled with the best-in-class monetization tools offered by Express WiFi by Facebook.

If you are a Service Provider or Operator interested in monetizing networks with the Express WiFi platform, Tanaza represents a great asset to leverage thanks to its vendor-agnostic capability, which expands the range of devices compatible with Express WiFi.

Tanaza is compatible with ‘off-the-shelf’ devices and has its line of cloud-managed Tanaza Powered Devices, helping to reduce CapEx and OpEx further.

With Tanaza + Express WiFi, you can:

  • Configure, maintain, and troubleshoot networks remotely from the Tanaza cloud interface.
  • Reduce costs as there is no need for expensive hardware controllers. We are vendor-agnostic.
  • Engage consumers by leveraging a portfolio of monetization levers.
  • Understand business performance, identify new segments, and execute sales initiative for growth.
  • Promote your network and user base to local and global businesses.








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