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GDRP Ebook


GDPR: key facts

Download our Ebook about the new European Regulation.
In this Ebook, you will learn more about:

  • the privacy policy
  • the new conditions of consent
  • the rights of the data subject
  • the supervisory authority

And much more, we strongly advise you to read this Ebook to be fully compliant with the European Regulation.


Wi-Fi for public entities

Tanaza for public entities

Discover how Tanaza WiFi was deployed in public entities:

  • To provide a ubiquitous connection in high density public spaces, like airports and public companies
  • To increase brand awareness and boost social visibility through social login
  • To segment and analyze user data thanks to the Tanaza Analytics Dashboard

Watch the recording of the webinar “WiFi4EU: free WiFi hotspots for Europe”

Webinar “WiFi4EU: free WiFi hotspots for Europe


On May 7 we held our free webinar about the WiFi4EU project and how MSPs, ISPs and WISPs can leverage it to create new business opportunities.

We covered the following topics:

  • What is the WiFi4EU project and how it works
  • How Tanaza helps you leverage the WiFi4EU opportunity
  • Requirements and how to register to obtain funds
  • How to offer WiFi services to public institutions with Tanaza
  • What WiFi services you can provide with Tanaza


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