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Wi-Fi for tourism and public transportation

Tanaza for tourism and public transportation

Discover the experience of Alilaguna, who provides their passengers with free Wi-Fi access on water shuttle boats and:

  • Leverages the splash page to give visibility to his own company and promote its touristic services in Venice
  • Collects passengers’ data and analyzes it on the Analytics Dashboard to run statistics and marketing campaigns
  • Blocks the improper use of the internet by virtue of the Tanaza’s web content filtering tool


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Alilaguna Venice - Tanaza for Tourism and Public Transportation

WiFi for offices

Product presentation

WiFi for Offices

The Internet revolutionized the way companies work: communication is now easier than ever, information is shared in a blink of an eye and cloud applications for business management are proliferating.

Because of this constant need of internet, companies need safe and reliable WiFi infrastructures.

  • Safe, because employees might exchange confidential information with partners, deal online with customers, and store important data on the cloud.
  • Reliable, because when the internet connection drops, the whole company might be stuck and see their activity slowing.


WiFi for offices presentation

WiFi for public transportation

Product presentation

WiFi for public transportation

Free WiFi onboard can increase the quality of life of commuters, who would effectively spend their time performing different online activities en route.

A complete WiFi management platform allows leveraging WiFi networks for marketing purposes, as well as for the optimization of public transportation planning. 

WiFi can improve the overall public transport’s quality by:

● Increasing ridership

● Analyzing passengers’ behaviour

● Contributing to the development of a more sustainable society


WiFi for public transportation

Tanaza Hotspot System

Product presentation

Tanaza Hotspot system

Tanaza hotspot system allows WiFi administrators to create and configure public WiFi networks. Tanaza features a captive portal, a web page the user sees before accessing a public WiFi network. It is also known as splash page, login page, splash portal and landing page. The captive portal can be used as a marketing tool to collect data and segment users so that businesses that provide WiFi to their clients can collect useful data and segment it for their marketing campaigns.  
Tanaza hotspot system

Starting with Tanaza – Download the guide

Product presentation

Starting with Tanaza

Tanaza is cloud-based software allowing WiFi administrators to configure and manage their WiFi network remotely.

Tanaza is multi-vendor, which means that the software is compatible with many access points models such as TP-Link, Ubiquiti, MikroTik, EnGenius…

The complete list of supported access points is available on our website success.tanaza.com

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