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Top level security and reliability


The encrypted management traffic and the clients traffic are completely separated to guarantee security


Tanaza architecture and communication protocols have been designed by our engineers in order to provide extreme levels of security and reliability.

There is a complete separation between client’s traffic and Access Point management traffic, which is sent through a secure 256bit SSL encrypted tunnel.

Tanaza domains are certified and Tanaza Agent authenticity is granted by a code-signing certificate.

At last, as Tanaza is hosted on Amazon Web Services, you get the highest levels of reliability available on the market.

You can sleep at night!

Traffic separation | Tanaza secure reliable Wi-Fi cloud management software

Afraid of network outages? Tanaza availability is 99,99%


The Tanaza architecture has been designed in order to maximize reliability and availability, thanks to a complete separation between the management plane and the control plane that make it fault tolerant.

If you are looking for a high-availability solution for Wi-Fi cloud management,  Tanaza is the right choice: its availability is 99,99%.

No downtime costs: you don’t lose productivity, revenue, customers!