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Centralized configuration

Configure large WiFi networks efficiently

Tanaza is designed to increase your efficiency when configuring large WiFi networks. It enables you to manage from one single platform your multiple WiFi networks, access points, and clients. 

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Network-Wide configurations

Tanaza enables the network-wide configurations: set the configuration to all your wireless devices in a few clicks. Each new access point added to the network will by default apply the same configuration.

This feature ensures a seamless WiFi network functioning and allows you to save time when configuring large WiFi networks.

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Auto Rollback

When access points receive a wrong configuration, this feature will automatically restore the previous one.

Scheduled Reboot

Restart automatically access points at a specific time. Minimize slowness and load peaks after a long uptime

Hardware reset button

Enable this to protect the access points from accidental or unwanted reset caused by pressing the reset button.

Auto channel distribution

Tanaza automatically choose the right channel for your access points within the same network.

tanazaOS auto channels

Centralized WiFi SSiD

Create, configure and apply WiFi SSIDs to multiple network’s access points from a single interface. TanazaOS allows you to enable up to 8 SSID per device and configure enterprise-grade features.

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Client Isolation

Prevents wireless clients from connecting to each other

Max. concurrent clients

Limit the number of client’s connected at the same time

Band selection

Choose which wireless band will be used to connect clients





Granular permission levels


Multi-tenant architecture on a public cloud 

Multiple organizations

Manage multiple organizations, switching from one to the other without logging in again

Multiple roles

Collaborators access your organization or network level in editing or read-only mode

Try Tanaza

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TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID