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Remote monitoring

Monitor your networks from anywhere on any device

TanazaOS enables you to monitor your network’s key indicators thanks to real-time statistics, both at the network and access point level.

Facilitate the maintenance of the WiFi networks by enabling WiFi administrators to upgrade the device’s firmware remotely in just a few clicks.

Connected Clients

Check how many clients are currently associated to the device’s SSID and how much bandwidth they are consuming.

Network traffic

Track your device’s traffic flow to promptly identify possible bottlenecks in bandwidth demand.

Device load

Oversee the health status of your devices and the set up of your installations, especially if the number of connections requested increases.

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Email alert notifications

TanazaOS enables the email alert notifications: receive information about your networks enabling real-time email alerts and triggering an email notification, in case of an access point goes offline. 

Enable additional notifications to also notify existing network members of any disconnection. Notify users who aren’t network members by simply adding their email address.

Historical Network Statistics

TanazaOS allows you to analyse and track the performance of networks using historical statistics.

Configure your system proactively based on the data collected overtime, make adjustments considering the change in the number of clients, and the channel distribution among the installed devices.

Network Usage

See overall network usage, filtering by hours or days, to ensure stability and constant connectivity overtime.

Device Status

Keep track of each device’s status and identify any critical spot, or underused access points. 

User data

Check which client consumes the most data. Watch over your customers’ behavior identify connection peaks and drops.

Try Tanaza

Create your Tanaza account for free, install TanazaOS on your compatible devices and start to manage your Wi-Fi networks from the cloud.

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID