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about the Software Development Trust Seal
Award won by Tanaza.

Best of the Web – one of the earliest and most trusted directory and online awards websites in UK and US market – has awarded Tanaza in the in Software Development Trust Seal.

What is Best of The Web?

Best of the Web is a professional directory with a strong authority in software development rating since 1994.
This professional service helps connect MSPs, ISPs, SPs and business end-users to find the best business companies around the world, including software companies as Tanaza.

All of the professionals and brands mentioned are independent and not associated with the validator.

Since 1994, the platform have stood the test of time helping businesses of all kinds get found and build their businesses online.

Tanaza has joined the Best of the Web Software Category with other important software companies as Intetics, Orases, Litslink, Techverx.

The importance of Best of The Web as validator for Verified Business

Best of the Web analyzes carefully the companies that submit a request to be part of their directory. The association has .org domain. It means that the technical and support team in charge of validating which software companies can obtain the badge has no economic or other collateral interests in accepting the application.

Since years, technical and support team of Best of the Web verifies billions of websites following 4 basic principles:
Verified Business
Increased Trust

Trust Badge shows the Business Score which is a combination of factors:
Verified Website
Verified Phone Number
Verified Address
Security Scan: PASSED
Verified Privacy 
# of Reviews
Review Rating
URL with SSL
Time Listed on Best of the Web
Profile Completeness




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