What was Express Wi-Fi by Facebook?

Express Wi-Fi was the best in class SaaS platform to help Service Providers build, operate, grow, and monetize WiFi networks. The SaaS platform came with an innovative monetization portfolio that allows launching and operating a sustainable, high-quality WiFi network.

Facebook Express WiFi Business Dashboard
Express Wi-Fi aimed at connecting the world’s rural areas to the Internet, through an app for iOS and Android that facilitated the user onboarding process, allowing them to buy internet plans on-the-go.

With Express Wi-Fi, Service Providers can partner with local communities and local entrepreneurs to extend WiFi coverage. Express Wi-Fi offers a comprehensive platform that partners can leverage to manage better and grow their WiFi offering.

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Monetize WiFi networks in a scalable way and cloud-managed them with Tanaza

Tanaza has been an Express Wi-Fi Technology Partner. The Tanaza WiFi cloud management software integrated seamlessly with the Express Wi-Fi platform to enable Service Providers to use a fully integrated solution to manage their network deployments coupled with the best-in-class monetization tools offered by Express Wi-Fi by Facebook.

Tanaza has developed a unique and flexible WiFi cloud management software, compatible with multiple hardware devices, for Service Providers to manage, control, and monitor WiFi networks remotely.

Service Providers and Operators could enjoy a wide range of compatible WiFi devices with Tanaza to deploy performing and cost-effective WiFi networks while offering access to fast, affordable, and reliable internet thanks to the monetization levers of Express Wi-Fi.

Key Benefits of integrating Express WiFi by Facebook with Tanaza

The Tanaza WiFi cloud management software was an extraordinary asset for Service Providers and Operators interested in Express Wi-Fi by Facebook. It maximized hardware flexibility and reduces CapEx and OpEx.

Service Providers and Operators could manage WiFi networks from the Tanaza cloud dashboard and monetize them through the Express Wi-Fi platform. MSPs, ISPs, SPs could sell daily, weekly, or monthly data packs to customers who can use them to access the Internet, in range of any Express Wi-Fi zone, until the data limit is reached or until the usage period expires — whichever comes first.



  • Configure, maintain, and troubleshoot networks remotely from the Tanaza cloud interface.
  • Select affordable and high-performing access points, leveraging Tanaza’s multi-brand compatibility.
  • Reduce costs as there is no need for expensive hardware controllers.
Express WiFi by Facebook and Tanaza

Where was Express Wi-Fi available?


Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda


South America
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru


India, Nepal and Thailand


South East Asia
Indonesia and Philippines