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A solution that offers data connectivity through WiFi, enabling users to access the Internet wirelessly.

Social WiFi

About DataWiFi and Tanaza

Datawifi is a company that provides effective tools to acquire and qualify leads.

With Tanaza you can also configure features like Walled Garden and Radius server.

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What is DataWiFi?

Solutions provided by DataWiFi, such as SmartWifi, SmartLocation and SmartFilter, help you improve interaction with your customers, understand their behavior and target your marketing message precisely.

These tools optimize your lead acquisition strategies and maximize your real-world presence.

Discover a transformative connectivity experience with the SMARTWIFI platform, seamlessly integrating Wi-Fi with marketing to revolutionize customer engagement.

Catering to diverse market verticals, it offers innovative solutions for revenue generation through loyalty program verification and controlled browsing.

With cloud-based scalability, robust data security, and no capital costs, businesses can embrace the future of connectivity today.



DataWiFi + Tanaza Integration – Discover a new level of splash page customization

With Tanaza + DataWiFi integration, you can use several tools, like:


Through the captive portal with data capture capacity, DataWiFi processes and analyzes information during connection to the WiFi zone. DataWiFi can establish a secure WiFi connection between visitors, through their mobile devices and the business’s free WiFi zone; Subsequently, its system does a data verification (even with loyalty programs) and integrates the user’s need with the industry improvement strategy.

Analytics and reporting

The platform has a wide range of analytics and reports which can be consulted in real time, defining the area and time period to consult.

Content management

It has a module to manage resources within captive portals such as images, questions, texts, videos, custom fonts and an additional puzzle module.


The platform has a module to add APs from different brands, allowing the option to give them a name, a description, coordinates and the MAC address.


DataWiFi has more than 20 tools which allow to customize the captive portal, improving the user experience with multiple functionalities and adjusting to the requirements of different verticals such as retail, hospitality, health, government, banking, among others.

Captive Portal

With this module it can create a captive portal, customizing an interface and adding the different resources already mentioned.


This module mainly allows you to group the captive portal, navigation plan and device in order to deploy the email.



Not sure about how to configure the splash page?

You can integrate the two ecosystems (DataWiFi + Tanaza) thanks to the external splash page option.

Discover more information about the how to configure DataWiFi in Tanaza