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All OpenWiFi™ compliant access points can now be flawlessly managed via Tanaza

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About OpenWiFi™ Networks and Tanaza Integration


OpenWiFi™ is an initiative by the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) aimed at fostering openness and innovation in the networking industry. It emerged from the recognition of the need for greater interoperability and flexibility in wireless networking solutions.

TIP, founded in 2016, is a collaborative community of industry leaders working to drive infrastructure innovation to advance global connectivity. OpenWiFi represents a significant milestone in this journey, offering a standardized approach to WiFi hardware and software design.

This initiative aims to break down traditional barriers and promote the adoption of open standards, empowering businesses with greater choice and control over their networking infrastructure. By embracing OpenWiFi, organizations can benefit from increased interoperability, reduced vendor lock-in, and accelerated innovation in wireless networking technologies.

Tanaza platform now offers enhanced compatibility with ALL OpenWiFi compliant access points, thanks to our collaboration with Telecom Infra Project (TIP) OpenLAN.

Benefits of this Integration:

  • Increased flexibility and choice in networking solutions
  • Seamless integration with a wider range of OpenWiFi devices
  • Reduction of dependency on closed systems
  • Promotion of innovation and interoperability
  • Customization and optimization opportunities for businesses


Discover all the access points that can be added to Tanaza thanks to the OpenWiFi integration here.



OpenWiFi – Telecom Infra Project


Network Management