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About Orion WiFi and Tanaza Integration


Orion WiFi, a groundbreaking platform developed by Google’s Area 120, stands at the forefront of highly innovative projects. It empowers public venues such as grocery stores, medical offices, malls, and other high-traffic locations to monetize their Wi-Fi infrastructure by selling Wi-Fi capacity directly to cellular carriers.

Utilizing a cutting-edge strategy, Orion WiFi enhances Wi-Fi roaming experiences by providing automatic, secure connections for users through their cellular SIM or carrier credentials. Anchored in the Passpoint / Hotspot 2.0 standard, this system has been compatible only with traditional enterprise-grade Wi-Fi equipment from vendors including Cisco, Meraki, Commscope, Fortinet, and Juniper Mist.

Orion WiFi offers an innovative approach to Wi-Fi roaming, providing secure, seamless connections for users and enabling venue owners to monetize their networks. By diverting cellular traffic to Wi-Fi, it enhances guest connectivity and benefits carriers and venue operators alike by improving user experience and network efficiency.

Integrating seamlessly with the Tanaza cloud platform, Google Orion can be activated effortlessly on any Wi-Fi access point managed through Tanaza, supporting an extensive array of compatible devices.

Key Advantages of the Tanaza + Google Orion Integration:

  • Effortless activation of Google Orion, enabling immediate Wi-Fi monetization with just a few clicks.
  • Direct collaboration with carriers is not required; Google orchestrates all interactions, retaining a 20% service fee for the convenience.
  • Broad compatibility through Tanaza ensures Google Orion can be implemented on a wide selection of readily available Wi-Fi access points, including those easily found on Amazon.
  • Native support for RadSec, eliminating the need for external RadSec Proxy deployment (which would be needed with most traditional enterprise-vendors, such as Cisco/Meraki).
  • Flexible control over bandwidth allocation between offloading and regular users.
  • Provides Wi-Fi guests with a frictionless and secure login experience.

Currently, Google Orion is accessible exclusively in the United States, with aspirations for future expansion on a global scale.



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