Intelbras teams up with Tanaza to bring a smart cloud-managed networking solution to LATAM

by | Feb 22, 2021

Intelbras Tanaza Powered Device

Intelbras and Tanaza bring to market Intelbras Tanaza-powered devices to provide IT professionals with centralized cloud management out-of-the-box.

Milan, Italy – February 22, 2021 – Tanaza, an Italian company leader in the cloud-managed networking industry, announces a strategic partnership with Intelbras, a Brazilian manufacturer of products and solutions in Security, Networks, and Telecommunications, to deliver to Latin American IT professionals a new line of Intelbras access points cloud-managed with the Tanaza networking software.

Tanaza gives Intelbras devices centralized management capabilities, enabling IT professionals to operate and orchestrate network deployments from the cloud. Intelbras Tanaza Powered Devices connect seamlessly to the platform for a plug-and-play experience, providing unprecedented efficiency levels with an intuitive interface.

The networking platform allows remote configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting in real-time of Intelbras Tanaza Powered Devices deployed in multiple locations, from a single dashboard. Furthermore, Tanaza’s modular software layer integrates with third-party applications on top to offer added-value services that suit specific customers’ needs. From Wi-Fi monetization, guest access, and hotspot management applications, Tanaza’s software integrations can be seamlessly enabled on any Intelbras device powered by Tanaza.

Intelbras Tanaza Powered Devices‘ new line focuses on Enterprise Wireless Access Points, suitable for small to large-sized networks.

  • AP 1350 AC – Enterprise Wireless Access Point, 1.3 Gbps aggregate frame rate, ideal for high-density indoor environments
  • AP 1750 AC – Enterprise Wireless Access Point, 1.7 Gbps aggregate frame rate, suitable for mid-sized and large indoor networks
  • AP 1210 AC – Enterprise Wireless Access Point, 1.2 Gbps aggregate frame rate, excellent for indoor network deployments
  • AP 360 and AP310 – Enterprise Wireless Access Points, 300 Mbps aggregate frame rate, designed for small indoor network deployments.

“By partnering with Tanaza, we bring to market a new line of cloud-based Intelbras Tanaza Powered Wi-Fi access points. Our partners and customers will enjoy the unrivaled level of support that only Intelbras can provide in Brazil, together with the ultimate Tanaza cloud-experience,” says Amilcar Scheffer, Head of Network Business Unit at Intelbras. “Tanaza allows self-provisioning devices from the cloud platform, with no need for extra hardware controllers or hybrid devices. This makes network management extremely easy and more robust than traditional network infrastructure,” added Scheffer. “Moreover, our partners can now integrate third-party applications on top of the platform, like WiFeed, Express Wi-Fi by Facebook, and any other supported application.”

“Partnering with Intelbras marks a new era of collaboration, using the strengths of both companies to deliver operational efficiency and added-value to IT professionals in LATAM. Intelbras has a great and strong local presence and a capillary network of resellers and partners that can satisfy every customer need with Intelbras Tanaza-powered devices while enabling any application from our marketplace,” says Sebastiano Bertani, Founder & CEO of Tanaza.

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Tanaza, an Italian software company, developed an intuitive cloud networking platform for IT professionals to operate Wi-Fi networks efficiently with unprecedented flexibility levels. Networking Hardware vendors partner with Tanaza to offer customers a compelling ‘plug&play’ cloud management solution. Software vendors partner to integrate their applications with the Tanaza platform, operating seamlessly across all supported models. The synergy created by this approach, as a result, makes the management of network deployments effortless, cost-effective, and scalable.
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