Tanaza Completes Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity Program, Extending its Wi-Fi Offering

by | Feb 25, 2021

Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity Program

Tanaza delivers on Express Wi-Fi milestones to make connectivity more affordable.

Milan, Italy – February 25th, 2021 Tanaza, a leader in the cloud-managed wireless networking industry, today announced milestones achieved through the Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity program. Concluding today, the 12-week virtual program  comprised a cohort of 20 startups that received industry-oriented training mentorship to accelerate innovative solutions that address internet access, availability and affordability.

At the beginning of the program, Tanaza set out to enhance its cloud-based solutions for better Wi-Fi access. After collaborating with industry peers in the program, the Tanaza platform now seamlessly integrates with Facebook Connectivity’s Express Wi-Fi platform to bring fast, affordable, and reliable connectivity to rural communities while generating Wi-Fi revenues. The Express Wi-Fi platform includes tools that enable partners to build, grow and monetize their Wi-Fi businesses in a sustainable and scalable way.

Service providers around the world have started testing the integration of Tanaza and Express Wi-Fi to connect and manage supported access points through an advanced network management platform and leverage an innovative portfolio of monetization levers from payments to advertising.

“We have successfully deployed Express Wi-Fi with Tanaza. The ease of use and flexibility left us astonished,” says Stewart Harding, CEO of Swazisat, an internet service provider that operates in Southern Africa. “Tanaza is, without a doubt, a smart alternative for cloud network management that allows us to substantially lower the total cost of ownership, thanks to its vendor-agnostic approach”. 

During the program, Tanaza partnered with networking hardware vendors to natively connect their gear to the platform for a ‘plug and play’ experience. These partnerships will serve multiple countries across the Americas: Amer Networks for North America and Intelbras for Brazil and the rest of LATAM.

As a natural progression, Tanaza also intends to support the Telecom Infra Project’s Open Wi-Fi initiative to continue lowering the cost of Wi-Fi network ownership, while offering advanced enterprise grade Wi-Fi features to meet market needs.

“Being part of the Facebook Accelerator Connectivity program has been a tremendous experience and Express Wi-Fi is just the starting point,” says Sebastiano Bertani, CEO of Tanaza. “Embracing open standards set by TIP will allow Tanaza to scale dramatically and contribute to changing the Wi-Fi market for the better.” 

As the Facebook Connectivity Accelerator program concludes, Tanaza and the rest of the startups will showcase their work to date in front of telcos, telecom vendors, communications investors, and technology companies worldwide.

About Tanaza

Tanaza, an Italian-based company, developed an intuitive and smart alternative for cloud-based networking with built-in flexibility to efficiently operate Wi-Fi networks. Networking Hardware vendors partner with Tanaza to offer customers a compelling ‘plug&play’ cloud management solution. Software vendors can integrate their applications with the Tanaza platform on top, operating seamlessly across all supported models. The synergy created by this approach makes the management of network deployments effortless, cost-effective, and scalable. Tanaza keeps building on its vision to democratize Wi-Fi by making it affordable and available to more people globally. For more information, please visit www.tanaza.com.