Customize your guest WiFi experience with a Hotspot splash page

Guest WiFi solution to customize hotspot splash pages and improve WiFi experience

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Guest WiFi is essentially a separate network on an AP to control Internet access, data usage, and connection time. To access the Guest WiFi, usually, the user goes through an authentication service in a captive portal. Guest WiFi is the most reliable way to give users access to the Internet through an existing network.

Enhance the free guest WiFi experience with a custom splash page.

Last May, we released the Splash Page Editor, an essential tool that allows Network Administrators to create a customized branding guest WiFi experience, using company logo and corporate colors in the authentication page of a public hotspot. The editor is at the core of the new Tanaza platform and is available to all customers at no extra cost.

Improve the free guest WiFi experience with a Hotspot Splash Page

The Splash Page Editor allows customers to create effortlessly internal splash pages, configure, and assign them to multiple SSIDs, thanks to a fully-responsive and more intuitive user interface. Additionally, every SSID can have its unique splash page. 

Currently, the editor offers only a click-through authentication method for free guest WiFi. Therefore, network admins don’t need to store user-session data. More authentication methods, like Facebook login, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and VK, are on the way. Just remember, the splash page editor is the beginning, future developments will take our Splash Editor a new level.

Is Tanaza guest WiFi solution Safe?

Guest WiFi solutions represent one of the safest methods to give visitors access to the internet through existing networks. It serves as an additional layer of separation and protection between malicious attacks and the primary network.

Tanaza Guest WiFi solution ensures solid levels of security for MSPs, ISPs and SPs that desire to focus on WiFi experience customization, sleeping soundly thanks to the security of a valuable defense cloud system.

ISO/IEC compliance
Tanaza uses Amazon AWS as a secure cloud services platform.
AWS represents a trusted solution for security and has certifications for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019, 9001:2015, and it also provides a transparent way to core systems’ health situation through AWS Security Bulletins.

Guest WiFi Data are securely stored on AWS RDS servers
Data related to Guest WiFi configuration are stored on Database using Amazon Relational Database Service while any data related to network analytics (e.g. devices’ statistics) are stored on No-SQL databases hosted on AWS servers.

SSL Certificate to protect your Guest WiFi Experience
Tanaza Guest WiFi Experience is totally reachable only via HTTPS, encrypting in this way all the communications between customers’ devices and the cloud.

Secure Wi-Fi Guest Experience Password Policy
Tanaza guarantees the strongest levels of password strength policy.
During a Tanaza account registration, all users are requested to choose a password that is compliant with a solid password policy:
– 8 characters minimum
– At least one lowercase character
– At least one uppercase character
– At least one digit
– At least one special character

This will minimize the risk of being guessed and potentially stolen in every level of your Guest WiFi experience.

Highly Customizable Splash Pages for Guest WiFi access

To build a mobile or desktop-ready splash page for guest WiFi access, it’s remarkably easy. The built-in Splash Page Editor allows users to customize the image, background, text, and login button. In terms of color, the palette available gently helps users to create their design system. In this way, users can keep brand consistency across their splash pages; the same applies to typography and buttons. Lastly, the editor allows users to set Terms and Conditions to have WiFi networks up-to-date and fully compliant with data privacy law.

Splash Page Editor

Connect External and Custom Splash Pages

Alternatively, to customized splash pages, users can further connect external splash pages hosted with other providers like PurpleWiFi, Cloud4Wi or Aislelabs, to the new Tanaza platform. 

Similarly, if users have a custom splash page in use, it is possible to connect it to the platform. Users should follow the Tanaza guidelines on how to enable the custom splash page, and it will be all set. However, it might require some coding skills.

The Slash Page Editor in the new Tanaza platform will keep evolving, we have just released the first edition, more is to come. The R&D team at Tanaza continuously develops more features and add-ons to the platform, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our blog for upcoming features. Alternatively, subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know when new features are added to the platform.

Discover how to set up a Hotspot Splash Page in a few clicks in this step by step guide

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