WiFi Hotspot Monetization
WiFi Hotspot Monetization with Express Wi-Fi by Facebook and Tanaza

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 Express Wi-Fi by Facebook and Tanaza

WiFi Hotspot Monetization represents an excellent opportunity for Service Providers to generate more revenues. Facebook has created Express Wi-Fi, a best in class platform for WiFi hotspot monetization in emerging countries.

Small businesses, in partnership with Service Providers, can grant WiFi connectivity to their customers and connected devices, implement advertising strategies, and sell data packs through the Express Wi-Fi platform.

Express Wi-Fi helps small businesses to offer fast and affordable WiFi services through hotspots spread across communities. Retailers, restaurants, hoteliers, and other small businesses can integrate Express Wi-Fi with Tanaza to monetize their WiFi investment while managing all their networking devices from a single dashboard.

Express Wi-Fi is already available in countries including Argentina, Brazil, some countries in Africa, Asi, and SouthEast Asia.

WiFi Hotspot Monetization with Express Wi-Fi

Express Wi-Fi by Facebook is an initiative by Facebook Connectivity to bring more people online and connect the unconnected. Worldwide, there are more than 3.8 billion people who are not yet online. The Express Wi-Fi platform aims to connect the world’s rural and underserved areas to the Internet. 

Express WiFi works with local Service Providers to enable retailers, restaurants, and stores with Express WiFi compatible access points to sell internet data packets to customers through the Express WiFi platform. 

The app, available for iOS and Android, accelerates the end-user onboarding process, allowing them to buy internet plans as needed and no extra fees.

What is the Express Wi-Fi platform?

Express Wi-Fi is a best in class SaaS Wi-Fi management platform with an innovative portfolio of monetization levers that helps Service Providers in launching and operating a sustainable high-quality Wi-Fi network. 

Service Providers can collaborate with local communities and local entrepreneurs to enlarge WiFi coverage. Express Wi-Fi offers a comprehensive platform that partners can leverage to manage their WiFi hotspots better and adapt their WiFi offering.

The Express Wi-Fi platform delivers for Service Providers and Business Owners a comprehensive platform to effectively monetize and grow their WiFi networks. On the other hand for End-Users is a quick and intuitive access to fast, reliable and affordable WiFi.

The WiFi opportunity:


  • 4G coverage gaps areas with high-density populations, where WiFi can offer a feasible way to overcome this gap. The platform can help better identify, deploy, and manage to optimize the operator’s mobile offering.
  • Areas with low 4G adoption where people can connect but are unable to for different reasons.
  • Areas with 4G congestion. With seamless roaming on the network, end users will benefit from an always-connected state. Thus, operators will better manage congested areas, where the lack of multiple monetization levers limits revenue generation.
  • Under-utilized Wi-Fi networks, for which indirect revenue levers can help create new revenues and increase network utilization.

How to use Express Wi-Fi for WiFi Hotspot Monetization

Service Providers’ customers can use Express Wi-Fi to configure and generate revenues from their WiFi network infrastructure. Small and medium businesses, where Express WiFi is available, can monetize their WiFi hotspots through ads, sponsored splash pages, recharge API, vouchers, loyalty programs, and utilize the referral program. 

For instance, businesses can configure the captive portal at targeted hotspots to display the logo or promotional image of their business or use banner ads on the captive portal and image-based rewarded data. Also, they can purchase data packs in bulk via the Express Wi-Fi App, with each voucher having a code that can be shared through the Express Wi-Fi App, via QR code or manually.

Express Wi-Fi multi-role access

The platform has multi-role access, depending on the type of role you have to manage the Express Wi-Fi by Facebook’s network. The kind of role ranges from administrators, retailers, distributors to end-users.


  • Administrators can have full access to the Express Wi-Fi Partner portal to manage every single platform viewpoint.
  • Retailers are businesses that ISPs partner with to sell data packs to users. Retailers represent the point of reference for consumers to buy data and learn about the service.
  • Distributors and sales representatives can manage a retailers’ network. Also, ambassadors promote the Express Wi-Fi platform awareness and submissions. Distributors own the channel, which enables partners to reach retailers and help them to manage sales to end-users. They can sell balances to retailers through a website via mobile phone.
  • Customers, or end-users, are purchasing or getting access to the Express Wi-Fi partner’s internet service.

Where is Express Wi-Fi available?

Express Wi-Fi has already been launched in over 35 regions around the world. Networks have been deployed with more than 20,000 hotspots to serve over 1 million people.
The platform is now a reality throughout Africa, Asia, South East Asia and South America.



Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

South America

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.


India, Nepal and Thailand.

South East Asia

Indonesia and Philippines.

Tanaza WiFi cloud-managed software integrates seamlessly with Express Wi-Fi.

Tanaza is an official Express Wi-Fi Technology Partner, which means that the Tanaza WiFi cloud management software integrates seamlessly with the Express Wi-Fi platform. Service Providers can use a fully integrated solution to manage their network deployments and the utmost monetization tools offered by Express Wi-Fi.

The Tanaza WiFi management platform

The Tanaza platform is a cloud-based WiFi management software that makes deployment, configuration, and remote monitoring of networks easier. The software enables network admins to manage WiFi networks, access points, SSIDs, and clients from one single dashboard in the cloud. The core technology, TanazaOS, is based on the reliable and robust Linux-based Operating System. The platform is compatible with multiple hardware devices for Service Providers to manage and monitor WiFi networks remotely.

Service Providers and Operators can deploy WiFi networks with different brands for robust and stable WiFi networks. In this way, they can grant users access to fast, affordable, and reliable Internet with Express Wi-Fi’s monetization levers.

Benefits of integrating Tanaza with Express Wi-Fi.

The Tanaza WiFi cloud management software represents a valuable opportunity for Service Providers and Operators willing to monetize WiFi hotspots with Express Wi-Fi.

SPs and Operators can manage WiFi networks from the Tanaza cloud dashboard and monetize them through the Express Wi-Fi platform. Tanaza offers great flexibility to choose the WiFi access points that best meet their needs, thanks to our multi-compatibility.

Enable retailers to sell daily, weekly, or monthly data packs. Retailers’ customers (end-users) can buy packages on-the-go, and use them to access the Internet until the data limit is reached or until the usage period expires.

By integrating Tanaza with Express Wi-Fi, Service Providers can:


  • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot networks remotely from the Tanaza cloud dashboard.
  • Use affordable and high-performing access points, leveraging Tanaza’s multi-brand compatibility.
  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx because expensive hardware controllers are excluded.
  • Monetize your WiFi hotspots through the Express Wi-Fi platform, with direct and indirect revenues.
  • Deliver better utilization and profitability from an innovative portfolio of monetization levers.
  • Use a cloud-based SaaS model optimized for Wi-Fi operations.
  • Leverage advanced analytics for optimal network deployment.
  • Take advantage of a continuously evolving software platform.

Express Wi-Fi provides Operators with a complete platform to enhance their WiFi offering.

When enabling Express Wi-Fi, you become part of an ecosystem that grants fast, affordable, reliable, and scalable internet access all over the world. Through this program, Mobile Network Operators and Internet Service Providers can work together with local entities to boost WiFi coverage where and when it’s needed.

The Express Wi-Fi platform enables Service Providers and Operators to help people enjoy connectivity in underserved areas while assisting operators in managing and monetizing their offerings.

Monetize your networks with Express Wi-Fi and Tanaza

If you are a Service Provider interested in monetizing networks with the Express Wi-Fi platform, Tanaza represents a great asset to leverage thanks to its vendor-agnostic capability, which expands the range of devices compatible with Express Wi-Fi.

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