How can I troubleshoot a device that can't connect to Tanaza?

Once you have a Tanaza powered device (i.e. running TanazaOS), if after following the guide How to add a device to Tanaza the device is shown not online from your account, there are some steps to spot where the problem could be. Read this step-by-step article to troubleshoot your device.

How does the 802.11k assisted roaming work?

Devices which support this standard (e.g. more recent smartphones) can send a request to obtain a list of neighbor access points, with their channels and status, for instance when the signal strength of the current one starts weakening.

Once obtained, the devices know which access points are candidates for the next roam.

This standard specifies that, for example, if there’s an close access point with high traffic, and another with less traffic but farther than the first one, the recommended one will be this last one, due to its faster throughput capability.

How can I ensure the communication between a device and Tanaza?

In order to manage any device with TanazaOS installed from the Tanaza platform, a communication between the two must be ensured. The device will have to reach the Tanaza servers infrastructure, and being able to create a secure connection to them to grant full access from the cloud, to transmit statistics and receive configuration updates. Read this article to ensure the correct communication between the TanazaOS devices and the Tanaza servers infrastructure.

Can I connect the Classic Hotspot with Tanaza cloud?

It’s now possible to use also the complete feature set of the Tanaza Classic Hotspot with this new Tanaza platform.

To know more about the configuration process, please check:
External Splash Page with Tanaza Classic Hotspot


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