What are the devices compatible with TanazaOS?

The Tanaza WiFi cloud management platform is compatible with multiple brands of access points. Also, Tanaza has a line of cloud-managed access points, the Tanaza Powered Devices™, that come with software already installed for a ‘plug&play’ experience.

How many SSIDs can I activate on an access point?

With Tanaza, it is possible to create any number of SSIDs. Each access point can have up to eight SSID’s. Learn how to configure an SSID.

How can I install the Tanaza Operating System on my device?

Tanaza has developed the TanazaOS installer which is a software you can download to directly install the TanazaOS firmware into any supported device, in just a few clicks. Learn more about the TanazaOS installer.

How can I add an access point to Tanaza?

With Tanaza is possible to manage multi-brand access points (see the supported device list), after installing the TanazaOS firmware on them. Each model may require a different process to complete the installation, please refer to the specific instructions for your device on our support portal, or try our new TanazaOS Installer. Once installed the Tanaza firmware, follow this step-by-step guide to add the device to your Tanaza account.


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21 Sept 2020

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