Cloud management and splash page management for UniFi AP Outdoor


UniFi AP outdoor Ubiquiti Networks cloud management TanazaThe UniFi AP Outdoor includes two external antennas and a secondary Ethernet port for bridging.

It supports 802.11n MIMO, with speeds of up to 300 Mbps and a range of up to 183 m (600 ft).

Download the complete datasheet for this device (click here to download it – PDF format).


By making this device Tanaza Powered, you can:

  • Configure it from remote, cloud manage it, and receive e-mail alerts when the device gets disconnected
  • Create and assign up to 8 SSIDs  per AP and create a public hotspot with customized splash page
  • See real-time statistics


Click here to read the FULL FEATURE LIST of Tanaza powered UniFi Outdoor



Bandwidth Control for your cloud-based WiFi

Bandwidth Control for your cloud-based WiFi

Bandwidth Control Blog

Have the guest Wi-Fi clients used too much bandwidth recently, stealing it from other Wi-Fi clients who were supposed to have priority? Well, this is not an issue anymore. You can now specify the maximum bandwidth per each SSID and protect the clients that matter most!

This is just a first step to implement a broader feature set that will allow to protect your Wi-Fi clients and control the policy to grant access. Our R&D is also working on:

  • per client bandwidth control: it will be possible not only to protect an SSID (such as the Members SSID from the Guests SSID), but also to protect a client accessing to a specific SSID from other clients that are connected to the same SSID.

The latest release also added the following feature:


Bandwidth Control per SSID, per Client and Clients per SSID

Remotely monitor Wi-Fi Access Points load and memory


Whether you are the Sys Admin taking care of a Wi-Fi network of a small hotel with a few Wi-Fi Access Points, or a solution provider with hundreds of Wi-Fi devices deployed in multiple locations, it’s important to know the status of each single AP or Wi-Fi router of your network in any moment, in order to be able to debug the network when needed.