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New release: TanazaOS Installer

New release: TanazaOS Installer

RF basics for WLAN design

Meet the greatest and latest release of Tanaza: the TanazaOS installer. Read on to know how this new feature promises customers to reduce the time needed to install the TanazaOS operating system on supported devices.


Tanaza software is a state-of-the-art cloud management platform to manage large-scale WiFi network deployments and access points. Our software is based on TanazaOS, a powerful Linux-based Operating System compatible with WiFi access points from multiple brands.

Tanaza continuously releases new features and security patches to be at the forefront of the latest technology and improve customer satisfaction levels. Recently, Tanaza has launched the TanazaOS installer software to speed up the process of installing the TanazaOS operating system on supported WiFi access points.



What is the TanazaOS installer?

It’s a software application that Tanaza customers can download to install the TanazaOS operating system on any supported access points directly. With Tanaza, customers can manage, monitor, and control their access points from the Tanaza WiFi cloud controller. The process of installing the TanazaOS operating system on devices has been improved to make the WiFi access point’s deployment more straightforward, agile, and less technical.


Seamless Installation Process

Thanks to the TanazaOS installer, users won’t need to download any extra software to access the device or execute complex commands and manual procedures. Installing the TanazaOS operating system on a supported device is a straightforward process that only takes three steps.

Once the installation process is completed, customers can add the access points to their Tanaza account. This improved and faster process allows companies to scale their operations when deploying WiFi networks, finally saving time and resources.


WiFi Access Point Compatibility

Currently, the TanazaOS installer supports the following widely-used WiFi Access Points:

  • Ubiquiti UAP AC LR
  • Ubiquiti UAP LR
  • Ubiquiti UAP
  • Ubiquiti UAP AC PRO
  • Ubiquiti UAP AC Mesh

At Tanaza, we work continuously to support more access points and make WiFi network deployments seamless. For other access points supported by Tanaza but not yet compatible with the installer, please check the procedure to install TanazaOS operating system by device type.



How to install TanazaOS on a supported WiFi access point?

Watch the 41-seconds video to learn how to install the TanazaOS operating system on a supported WiFi access point using the installer.

The current TanazaOS installer is compatible with:

Microsoft Windows 7

(32-bit and 64-bit app) and later versions

macOS 10.10 Yosemite

(32-bit and 64-bit app) and later versions

If you want to learn more about how to use the TanazaOS Installer, check this step-by-step article about the TanazaOS installation.

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Writer’s note:

At the moment of writing, the TanazaOS installer is in the Beta version. Therefore, feedback at this stage from Tanaza users is critical to identify improvements in the application. In this way, we can improve the installer before the final release of the software. If you want to send us some feedback about the installer, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

Tanaza Intelbras Edition received by the Brazilian public with much excitement

Tanaza Intelbras Edition received by the Brazilian public with much excitement

Tanaza Intelbras Edition

Tanaza and Intelbras together presented their newest product, “Tanaza Intelbras Edition” at various events in Brazil; the product bundles Intelbras’ excellent access points with the innovative and multi-awarded cloud management and hotspot software by Tanaza.

“When we started speaking with our friends at Intelbras about partnering, it became instantly obvious that it was great in resolving need in the market. Public hotspots were booming and getting installed everywhere, but still IT companies were struggling in finding something that could be on one side affordable, and on the other side complete enough and easy to use to provide what was needed. So, we decided to combine together their hardware and our software, to get the best of both. Their hardware is super high quality and priced in a smart way; our software is able to provide cloud manageability out of the box, Wi-Fi analytics, hotspot features, like advertising, Facebook login and many more.

With this partnership, IT professionals in Brazil can now get the Tanaza software experience together with great hardware and also get all the advantages of working with Intelbras. What we can do with them now is just the beginning.” declares Sebastiano Bertani, CEO and Founder of Tanaza.

Over 10.000 access points in Brazil with Tanaza Intelbras Edition

At Futurecom (October 28-31, 2019 – São Paulo) Intelbras showcased their ceiling-mountable access points AP 310, AP 360 and AP 1210 AC to an audience of 29,000 professionals, all featuring the compatibility with the hotspot software Tanaza Intelbras Edition.

In November, Tanaza’s representative Massimo Dragoni traveled across Brazil together with Intelbras’ team to present the product at the Wi-Fi Business roadshow, organized in collaboration with Horus Distribuidora de Soluções Tecnológicas, Distribuidora Route 66 and Plantec Distribuidora.

The next steps for Tanaza Intelbras product include the improvement of UX and UI, with an easier interface that also rounds on mobile phones, fully responsive and with 100% of the features in just one platform supporting  more devices, including all outdoor access points to the offer, and making the installation of Tanaza not necessary. We envision a future with an out of the box cloud experience with no link to do the installation of the software.

Sebastiano Bertani, CEO and Founder of Tanaza, presents Tanaza Intelbras Edition

After being a speaker at the “Wi-Fi Business Show” events organized in collaboration with Intelbras, Tanaza’s Customer Success Manager Massimo Dragoni declared: “It was great to be on the field, directly meeting so many solution providers that want to embrace the opportunities related to Wi-Fi hotspots. And also, it was so much fun working in person together with the guys at Intelbras. They are very knowledgeable and really close to the market and to their customers’ needs”.

“Thanks to the event, the current sales pipeline for the product is already over 10,000 access points, including both public and commercial locations that will start offering Wi-Fi connectivity – in some cases also with social login and Wi-Fi analytics features” declares Sebastiano Bertani.

About Intelbras

Intelbras is a 100% Brazilian company focused on Security, Telecommunications and Network industries. They strive to fully understand a variety of consumer needs. That’s why they lead most of the business segments in which they compete.

Founded in 1976, Intelbras provides technologies that reach more than 20 countries worldwide.

Currently Intelbras counts on five manufacturing units: Headquarters and two branches in Santa Catarina besides two branches in Minas Gerais and Amazonas. 

Intelbras has one of the largest private R&D centers in Latin America and more than 400 technical assistance support in Brazil. They collaborate for a better future with innovative solutions and technologies transforming the mode of how people communicate, connect and protect themselves, creating value and opportunities to our customers, collaborators and partners.

Tanaza accelerates software and hardware disaggregation within the Telecom Infra Project

Tanaza accelerates software and hardware disaggregation within the Telecom Infra Project

Tanaza joins Telecom Infra Project group

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is a collaborative telecom community. Launched in February 2016, TIP was started with the goal of accelerating the pace of innovation in the telecom industry.

TIP splits its initiatives into three main strategic network areas: Access, Transport and Core and Services. For instance, the Access project groups work on identifying and creating innovative infrastructure solutions, technologies, and methodologies to make it easier to connect people to the Internet. The Access group focuses on removing some of the blockers that can make the connection difficult to the end-user. (Telecom Infra Project)

TIP has a diverse network of members made up of over 500 organizations, including operators, technology providers, developers, integrators, and startups. Members of TIP work actively on disaggregating the traditional network deployment approach. Tanaza began participating in the TIP WiFi project in early 2019, with the intent of contributing with its technology to accelerate software and hardware disaggregation.



What goes on at the Wi-Fi Project Group?


The TIP Wi-Fi project group is developing a disaggregated end-to-end Wi-Fi solution, consisting of access points (APs) and a cloud-native control / management plane which optionally interfaces to mobile operators’ core networks to enable mobile data offload. With design being driven by the goal of reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and easing the operations, the TIP community’s Wi-Fi solution will be attractive to a wide range of service providers.

Tanaza and other members of the project group will collaborate to validate the hardware and software components they are contributing and ensure those components are interoperable. It is expected that the AP reference design will be open-sourced within TIP, in addition to some parts of the controller/management/gateway software. As a result, this will significantly lower the barrier to entry for new vendors joining the ecosystem.

Tanaza is participating in the TIP Summit ’19 conference

TIP Summit 2019 stage

Since 2016, Telecom Infra Project has hosted an annual conference dedicated to people within the Telecom industry. The ones who are changing the world with better connectivity solutions. This year, the TIP Summit ’19 will take place in Amsterdam on November 13-14.

A diverse group of voices from the likes of David del Val Latorre, CEO of Telefonica R&D, Miguel Marin, Technology Director of Vodafone and Tareq Amin, CTO of Rakuten Mobile, will be part of the engaging keynotes and panels at TIP Summit ’19. The speakers will share their experiences focusing on the challenges and opportunities of building and deploying telecom network infrastructures.

On November 14, Sebastiano Bertani, CEO of Tanaza, will participate in the panel “Building an Open Wi-Fi System for communication service providers” moderated by Shah Rahman, Software Engineering Manager of Facebook. The panel will bring together vendors who are collectively working on the TIP Wi-Fi Project group, to discuss how they are enabling CSPs to provide better, faster and cheaper Wi-Fi connectivity to their customers.

If you are attending the TIP Summit ‘19, join our CEO at this luminary panel session to learn more about the contributions OEM partners have made to the TIP Wi-Fi Project Group.

See you in Amsterdam!

The Android of WiFi Networks goes to Web Summit 2019

The Android of WiFi Networks goes to Web Summit 2019

RF basics for WLAN design

Tanaza will join entrepreneurs, startups and investors at Web Summit, the largest tech conference in the world.
The event will take place in Lisbon, Portugal on November 4-7, 2019.


Web Summit without a doubt is the most powerful tech event held in Europe since 2009. As a result, it’s been defined by Forbes as “The best technology conference on the planet”. Web Summit covers a variety of topics, ranging from deep tech and data science to design and environmental sustainability. 

Participating at the forefront of this leading-edge and innovative event, Tanaza will be joining at Web Summit 2019 tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, tech icon celebrities, media outlets, and startups – the ones who dictate where the industry is heading and how fast new technologies will be adopted.


Innovative sessions and brilliant minds in one place

During four jam-packed days, the world of tech will live and breathe innovation. The Web Summit conference will focus on disruptive business models, envisaging thought leadership, networking and brand awareness. Attendees will get inspired by ground-breaking speaking sessions, experience the power of networking and share their thoughts and ideas with people from all over the world.

Web Summit gathers the minds behind the innovative ideas that are changing the world. This year the list of the top speakers and Web Summit attendees include big names of the likes of Brad Smith – President of Microsoft, Werner Vogels – CTO of Amazon, Edward Snowden – former intelligence officer, and Hans Vestberg – CEO of Verizon. They will deliver breakout sessions – each one at the forefront of their industries, to enlighten us with what’s coming in the world of tech. 


Creating the Android of WiFi networks at Web Summit

Sebastiano Bertani, will present a leadership keynote at Web Summit 2019Tanaza CEO Sebastiano Bertani, will present a leadership keynote on the 6th of November at the Growth stage at 10:50 AM. He will discuss how Tanaza is replicating Android’s approach by creating a horizontal market in the wireless networking sector, to free users from locked-in vertical solutions that impose a software/hardware bundle.

Sebastiano aims to introduce TanazaOS operating system as the standard for wireless access points (as Android did with smartphones) and disrupt the WiFi market. Tanaza will be similar to Android in the sense that it will provide a smarter, interoperable software to power a wide range of third party hardware devices and give them additional capabilities and more.


If you are attending Web Summit drop by the Tanaza’s booth number G111, on the 5th of November. You will have the opportunity to discuss with our experts the benefits of hardware and software disaggregation in the WiFi market. In addition, get a sneak peek of Tanaza’s cloud-based operating system for WiFi Cloud management and also learn how companies are saving in CapEx and OpEx.


“We are thrilled to have been selected by Web Summit to participate at the event. This is an exciting time at Tanaza, and this demonstrates our hard work and commitment to make WiFi ubiquitous and accessible. Also, it furthers our mission to democratize WiFi networks by providing software for affordable, top-notch and cloud-controllable WiFi connectivity.” Declares Sebastiano Bertani, CEO of Tanaza.

See you in Lisbon!

Hi! My name is… Tanaza

Hi! My name is… Tanaza

RF basics for WLAN design

When companies develop new products, they face the hard step of taking a product naming decision. 

Yes, naming is hard: the name must reflect the corporate brand’s perception, the brand image that you want to create and also, it should be easy to remember and pronounce. It’s not something that you choose in a matter of seconds.

When I founded Tanaza (the company) in 2010, I choose a name that was easy to anchor in people’s minds; that sounded nice; that was short; and that had no similarities with other brand names out there. Tanaza had no specific meaning for me, but it gave me a sense of belonging, like a tribe of people that share a special view of the world and of their mission (although I discovered later that it means “to struggle” in pakistani; that it’s the name of a racing horse, in Ireland; and that there’s a lake named Tanaza in the region of Punjab).

As many mono-products companies do, I named our first product (and only product, until last year) after the company.  Tanaza was both our company name and our product name. Easy, isn’t it?

  Tanaza Product Name

The product components were also named after the company: the Tanaza Cloud Infrastructure (cloud.tanaza.com), the Tanaza Hotspot system (editor.tanaza.com and dashboard.tanaza.com) and so on…

Last year, we started the development of what we called TanazaOS: a Linux-based operating system that allows access points to speak with a cloud-based wireless access controller. And in a few months, we were able to launch also the new cloud-based controller, of which you see a screenshot here:


Needless to say, for this platform that allows managing TanazaOS-powered devices, we imagined a whole bunch of names. It was a long discussion, and that the end of it, we decided that we were going to name the product just after the company. Again.

The new platform is called Tanaza. 

Why? Because it’s the best representation of who we are as a company and of what we’re trying to do in the wireless industry. 

We’re struggling (or “Tanaz-ing”?) to bring software and hardware disaggregation in the wireless industry, and we’re doing it with our cloud-based wireless access controller (app.tanaza.com) and with our operating system TanazaOS, which allows communication between the devices and the cloud.

For more details about our “struggle” for software and hardware disaggregation, read my previous article on Medium; and if you want to “join the army”get in touch or wait for further news, as we’re going to publish more in the next few months about our activities to bring disaggregation in this market.

So, the new platform will be called Tanaza, exactly as the company is named. The operating system (OS) that runs on devices, allowing them to be controlled through Tanaza, is consequently named TanazaOS.

But… what about the “old” Tanaza? Well, we are still in love with it and we know that many people are, as well. Everything in the cloud.tanaza.com platform will remain the same and all functionalities will remain operational, but that product will be renamed “Tanaza Classic“. 

Tanaza Classic

You may  have noticed that our website https://www.tanaza.com was recently edited to reflect this change.

You’ll probably ask yourself which are the exact differences in terms of features and capabilities between Tanaza and Tanaza Classic, between TanazaOS and the Tanaza Classic Firmware. Well, these are the topic for our next blog posts… so stay tuned!

Tanaza celebrates World WiFi day

Tanaza celebrates World WiFi day

World Wifi Day Blog
Today is June 20th and we celebrate an important global initiative – World WiFi day.
What is World WiFi day?
World WiFi day celebrates the significant role that WiFi plays in our society. This initiative celebrates innovations and supports new projects that help bridge the digital divide worldwide and aim to “connect the unconnected” in both developed and developing countries.
Why do we celebrate World WiFi day?
Tanaza was founded with the goal to disrupt the WiFi market. We did so by developing an innovative WiFi cloud-based software that leverages the WiFi hardware commoditization trend, that would support the ubiquitous expansion of WiFi networks, both on a local and a global level. Our mission from the very beginning was to contribute to establishing a world where any person and any object are connected, anytime, anywhere, wirelessly.
How do we contribute?
With the ever-growing need for a fast and ubiquitous WiFi connection in most public spaces, we hope to contribute to bridging the digital divide. So far, we are proud to support this initiative by serving the needs of thousands of clients in various sectors, in more than 150 countries.

At Tanaza, we believe that the current market conditions allow the disaggregation of hardware and software to occur also in the Wi-Fi networking market and make the same disruption happen.

With this in mind, and as part of our continuous contribution to the development of the WiFi space/market, we also have recently introduced Tanaza’s latest innovation: a Linux-based operating system for open Wi-Fi networking devices.

TanazaOS discards the vertically-integrated model by encouraging the decoupling of hardware and software in the networking market and particularly in the wireless networking segment.

We are also proud to mention our latest partnership with Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to improve WiFi Internet connectivity and pursue opportunities to deploy innovative technology. Our aim is to improve interoperability, minimize costs, increase Wi-Fi quality, leveraging as much as possible an approach inspired by the Open Source community and software/hardware disaggregation. Within this project, Tanaza intends to maximize software/hardware disaggregation, deploying large scale pilot projects in conjunction with other members, such as operators, ISPs, WISPs, interested in specific innovation aspects covered by the TanazaOS innovation project.

Since it was founded, Tanaza has received five Seals of Excellence from the European Commission as well as the Horizon2020 grant with this year’s submission. Tanaza also received the “Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Solution” award during the Wi-Fi NOW Conference in Berlin in November 2018, and was listed among the 2019 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winners.